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What do you get when you mix more than 20 years in the food industry with a culinary school education and an upbringing in the rich and delicious food traditions of Louisiana?

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You get some darn fine chicken wings!

Waco-born chef and owner of King’s Chicken Wings, Leo Spann, grew up in New Orleans before returning to his Texas hometown during Hurricane Katrina. Leo and his wife Jenee introduced Waco to authentic Louisiana flavor in 2018 when they opened Po’Boy Place.


The fried chicken po’boys were always a fan favorite, so they decided to go all in on that tasty bird and show Waco how wings should be done.

Sure, you’ve had wings other places, but you haven’t had ‘em like King’s.


King’s wings are fresh, never frozen. Nugs are fabricated and marinated in-house. And, of course, sauces are made from scratch with that keen New Orleans flare for flavor.

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Leo Spann

The man behind the flavor

“The perfect wing starts with a good piece of chicken. How it was raised, treated, and loved is a big indicator of a good piece of chicken. From there, we ensure the color, smell, and size all meet our high standards. Next, we lather our chicken with house spice and marinate for a minimum of 24 hours before it takes a deep dive into hot oil. Lastly, we focus on a double frying method to ensure a moist, crispy, golden finish. It’s all about the bath.” – Leo Spann


The Spanns love community as much as they do cooking, so you’ll also be served Southern hospitality and genuine connection during your visit to King’s. That’s just another part of the Louisiana culinary experience, according to the Spanns.


“Growing up in New Orleans … some of my greatest memories are tied to my mom preparing food in the kitchen. Those times were simple, full of fun, and full of love. As an adult, that’s the experience I strive to provide to every customer.”

–Leo Spann 


Stop by soon and let the folks at King’s make you the best chicken wings you’ve ever put in your mouth.